My daughter’s school is over 100years old. The main building is brick with two woodwn framed additions and one portable. There is a large all weather field, a small grass field, and numerous paved areas for play. Of course there is a large playground too.

I was speaking with aMom…

This morning was the last strength and considtioning session at SH of the school year. Coach N organized a Friday Fitness throwdown as a celebration. And what a party it was.

Their were 5 teams of 4. 4 teams were made up of student athletes and the other team was…

There are 3 reasons my friends and I play beer league sports.

  1. We like to compete with each other.
  2. It is a fun way to get exercise.
  3. Drinking beer together when we are done.

I am assuming these are universal truths amongst most men my age.

I was having a ‘woah is me’ kind of moment. It came on in an instant. I was having a chat with Robyn about our current living situation and I realized enough of this shit.

The thing is it wasn’t an instantaneous moment. This has been building for the length…

Using a clap as an auditory cue for sprint starts has been a successful tool during the past 10 weeks of working with Sabres athletes. In my last 3 sessions I found it particularly useful to get the most out of the hard start.

Getting the hard start set position…

Monthly challenges have been huge for keeping me motivated and on track with my training. In April I did 455 one arm pushups per arm. In May I completed 16 Kettlebell workouts. For the month of June I am going to keep lifting kettlebells, they are my favourite trainng tool.

After going through the 2019–20 NFL season to review possession time and first downs I moved on to look at rugby possession stats. I used the rugby world cup in 2019 as the stats were easily accessible and this is the highest level of rugby in the world. …

I completed my May training challenge this afternoon. I had set a goal of completing 16 triple F training sessions for the month of May. The Fs stand for: fast, focused, and fresh.

Fast because I wanted to be able to complete these sessions in under 30minutes. Check.

Focused because…

I coached a lacrosse practice this afternoon. It was my second time in an arena since 2019. Coaching indoors with glass boards and lines clearly painted on the floor provides a tremendous advantage over the outdoor box.

Having the boards with glass allows for a better wall ball experience. It…

Josh Neumann

I hit play on my playlist and whatever song plays that becomes the title of my story. This is my writing practice.

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