Tomorrow I will be coaching a lacrosse session for a grade 7 PE class. I have coached several of these in the past and have really enjoyed getting sticks into the hands of kids who have played before.

Lining the sticks up with a ball in each stick has been a successful way to get the students excited and organized at the same time. I start by getting their hands on the stick right away. We will do a stationary warmup with squats, single leg balance, and footwork all while holding a stick and ball. It gets them comfortalbe holding on to the stick.

After that we will work on a number of different ways to get the ball in and out of the stick. At the same time changing the orientation of the head of the stick and the level of the stick. Simple things like drops and catch, flipping the ball from the front to the back of the stick and looping the head of the stick around the ball while it is in the air.

From there we will play a game of scoop and plant. The size of the boundaries will shrink from rep to rep. This helps students get reps at picking up a ball on the run while also ball handling in crowded spaces. We will then find a wall to work on wall ball skills before partnering up to work on passing and catching. I am toying with the idea of having the students throw balls with their hands to the stick to increase the likelihood of catching the ball.

After we finish doing some partner passing and catching we will do some long tossing the length of the width of the gym. We will finish with some small group relay races. 4–5 groups with diffrent objectives. I am sure I will adjust some of this on the fly and maybe even get in a game of ultimate lacrosse to finish.

I hit play on my playlist and whatever song plays that becomes the title of my story. This is my writing practice.